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Agent Orange Angel Heart Necklace

Image of Agent Orange Angel Heart Necklace

Here is the necklace version. I found a necklace strands with tiny orange balls between the links. It also was available with black balls, so I bought both thinking that I would give you a choice. But because it was so small I decided to use both strands that would certainly be the correct colors of Agent Orange. And I think that it really came out great. Actually, it is not a necklace, but rather strands sold by the yard. Right now I am limited as to how many I can make. If I see that you are all interested I can purchase more. It is not a large piece, but rather an extremely smart look and you certainly don't have to worry about someone starring at your neck. Like the pin, you know what it represents. The chains will be standard 16" unless otherwise asked to be longer. There is a small lobster clasp It will be available later tonight at $10.99 + $3.99 shipping By the way, the wings are bright gold. They just look dark .