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AVVA New Logo pin

Image of AVVA New Logo pin

The look of the future for AVVA. Joanna and I designed this new pin for you. It represents all people working together for AVVA and their future. The "new motto" signifies the future for everyone. Because of the two very important projects of AVVA, Agent Orange awareness and PTSD, the veterans as well as their families are being helped. The pin is 1.5" wide x 1.5" high with 2 posts on the back. To make this pin extremely collectable the first 125 pins will be numbered on the back making it a limited edition. After that additional pins will not be numbered. Numbers 1-25 are now reserved so #26 on up to #125 will be available. I will try to ship requests so make sure to put in check out box the number you would like. If it is available I will send that one to you.

Command Headquarters is proud to announce our partnership with the AVVA. To honor this partnership we will donate 20% of any order from an AVVA member to the AVVA.

Please enter the code: AVVA in the discount code box during checkout.