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Patriotic Eagle with Silver Rose Charm

Image of Patriotic Eagle with Silver Rose Charm

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the Order Of The Silver Rose. For those not familiar, let me give a brief explanation.
In 1996 a Navy Chief was diagnosed with with inoperable tumors caused by exposure to Agent Orange. Sound familiar? His daughter thought that he should be awarded a Purple Heart for his service, but the guidelines are very stringent for receiving that award. She went to see her father in the hospital with a friend and the friend wanted to bring flowers to the hospital. But he was in the ICU and flowers were not allowed in. So she brought a plastic silver rose to the hospital and the Chief was so happy with the gift that he said in jest, "The Order of The Silver Rose" I would much rather have this than all of the Purple Hearts in the Pentagon. Thus the "order" was born.
In that tradition, I have attached a "silver rose" charm to my patriotic Eagle pin. The silver rose charm is a little out of proportion to the eagle, but I wanted it to clearly be recognized so that if necessary you could proudly explain just what it represents. Shipping to US only