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Vietnam Veteran Brown Water Navy River Rat Pin

Image of Vietnam Veteran Brown Water Navy River Rat Pin

Well Rats, I finally did it. This is the only Navy River Rat pin that is actually a rat in the market place. MRF or Brown Water Nave Association don't have this pin. I designed it exclusively for you. I showed it to them, but have heard nothing from them. So here it is. I showed 2 pic because the rat is actually gray in color and the photo that I took makes him look tan. Remember when you looked that him? Even though Tigers were not issued, I was told that they may have been purchased in town, so I put them on him. Notice the Jungle boot and the USN service knife sheath. And then to make no mistake that you were in combat I not only have him standing on a Vietnam Service Ribbon, but just for kicks I added a Combat Action Ribbon below This pin is a whopping 1.75" tall and has 2 posts on the back. I know that there is not a lot of merchandise for you guys and that's what made me go ahead with this pin. Just a great addition to your beret, vest, or jacket. Incidentally, a friend of mine who was a 3 tour Rat, helped me along with this design. Thanks Dennis Shipping to US only