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Vietnam Veteran Wall Pin

Image of Vietnam Veteran Wall Pin

Even though the Vietnam War was over 45 years ago, the absents of a loved one is a constant reminder of their ultimate sacrifice for their Country. This pin is to honor them. We will never forget them, and although the healing process takes a long time, we must heal ourselves of our loss. The 2 American Flags are in place of the "Black Wall" because those are the colors that they fought and died for. The Vietnam Service Ribbon is a reminder to all that your loved one gave up his life for his country during that time. The date 1959-1975 are the official dates of thaCommand Headquarters is proud to announce our partnership with the AVVA. To honor this partnership we will donate 20% of any order from an AVVA member to the AVVA.

Please enter the code: AVVA in the discount code box during checkout.t war. There are 2 posts on the back to keep it from swiveling. Shipping to US only.