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Wives and Widows of Vietnam Veterans pin

Image of Wives and Widows of Vietnam Veterans pin

I designed this pin to honor all of the women whose husbands fought in Vietnam for the years of Love, Sacrifice and Dedication to their loved ones. This pin is made to Honor You. In most cases complications from Agent Orange has plagued your lives for many years, and like the song says, Stand By Your Man. Well that is exactly what you all have done and we all Honor you. The pin is 1.75" high x 7/8" wide and has 2 posts on the back to keep it from swiveling. Of course the ever present and recognizable Vietnam Service Ribbon at the top with the letters "A" and "O" tells everyone exactly who you are and who you represent. The orange and black colors tell the story of your struggle together throughout the years, and the cracked heart makes all aware of your heartbreak. This is truly dedicated to you and wear it with pride.