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Uncle Sam Kneeling

Image of Uncle Sam Kneeling

If one picture is worth a thousand words then this sure must be the picture. Some people don't think that our government does not Honor our Fallen, but it really does. As the patch says, yes perhaps it does take a long time, but everyone who has ever put on a uniform and, especially those that have paid the "ultimate price" are surely thanked. We Honor those with this patch. At the suggestion of a friend I added the Agent Orange Heart, so no one is left out. This is a great patch to honor all of them.
You didn't have to be a POW or MIA, or were awarded a Purple Heart, or have no complications from Agent Orange to wear this patch. It is paying honor to all that did. However, you are the same as if you had any of the above. You are a Veteran. You went into combat for your country and even though it has taken a very long time, Uncle Sam knows exactly what each and every Veteran has done for his country. This patch sums up everything as to why you do go into combat. And even thought it has been a long time in coming, a grateful country does Thank You and Welcomes You Home This patch is 5" wide x 3 3/8" high. The ultimate great addition to your vest, or jacket or to any patch collection. Shipping to US only